Biblical Counseling 

CrossPoint believes that the Bible has the answers needed for life and we have trained Biblical counselors that are ready and willing to come alongside you and help you navigate the real struggles of life.  CrossPoint's counseling is offered free of charge and you can get the process started in just a few easy steps.
First, click on Step 1 below and give us a little information about yourself and how you believe we can be of help.
Second, our scheduling team member will take a look at your information and get in touch with you.
Third, our scheduling team member will have you fill out Step 2 (below) which gets more information about who you are, what are the major life issues you are struggling with and get information about your schedule so we can schedule your first meeting.
Fourth, our scheduling team member will contact you with the time of your first counseling session.

Post Counseling Report

This link is for counselors and observers

Post Counseling Feedback

This form is designed to help CrossPoint counseling to get feedback on how we are doing in helping our counselees work through the problems of life.  If you have completed counseling we would love your feedback!