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Friday with a Fight

***SPOILER ALERT: If you plan to watch the movie Wonder you may want to wait to read this email until after you’ve seen it!***
Good Friday Morning,
A few weeks ago, the Friday message was “Friday with the Captain”, and I wrote about how even after a couple months of letting fear and anxiety impact my attitude at […]

Friday with Pride (Again!)

Good Friday Morning,
Last week I wrote about our eternal home in Heaven.  Well if you’re reading this email, you aren’t there in paradise just yet, so we remain here on earth attempting to live a life pleasing to God with the help of the Holy Spirit.
Last week I quoted scripture where Jesus tells his disciples he is […]

Friday at Home

Good Friday Morning,
There really is no place like home – am I right?  I think about some of the places on earth and think why would anyone want to live there.  They live there because it’s home.  We just got back from vacation to Orange Beach, Alabama and it was a great trip.  That’s […]

Friday in Season

Well, I think it’s official – fall is in the air! I love autumn.  It is my favorite time of year.  I love the beautiful colors, the cool air, pumpkin spice, and hooded sweatshirts 🙂
The Word of God talks a lot about seasons. There are many Bible verses directly related to seasons, fruit, harvests, and […]

Friday with Grace

Good Friday Morning,
Some around the country found out Sunday night, but most of us awoke Monday morning and started our week with devastating news. The only topic I could think of this week and the only one that makes sense right now is grace. The official verb definition is “do honor or credit to (someone […]

Friday to Listen

Good Friday Morning,

The very first bible verse my son memorized was John 10:27, “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”  This is a good verse to start and continue your walk with the Lord daily.

There are many voices vying for our attention these days.  We don’t realize it but our hearts are […]

Church Directory Photographs October 17, 18

We have scheduled pictures for our new church directory for Tuesday and Wednesday, October 17th and 18th.  We truly desire every person who attends CrossPoint to be a part of our upcoming directory.  We have secured the services of Universal Church directories to help us in this process.  This will be the first time we […]

Friday Reboot

Good Friday Morning,
You may have noticed I didn’t do a devotional last week. I could use the excuse that both Dylan and I were pretty sick, but the truth is I was letting my mind overtake me with worry and if I’m being totally honest also some irrational fear.   Additionally, my sleep has been interrupted.  […]