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Ground Breaking 1989In 1987 Fellowship Baptist Church was named by Lloyd Graham.  He wanted to name it that because we had sweet fellowships.  It started with 25 or so members.  We met in one another’s homes at first.  As we grew we rented two conference rooms at the Holiday Inn (now named the Jasper Inn).  During this time we also saved $40,000.  I can not tell you that it was easy ever Sunday meeting at the Holiday Inn carrying Sunday School materials with three small children in toe…it was not!  I was so looking forward to having a church building.

Pastor Lee Russel from Evansville came to us as an interim pastor.  He and Gene Theiman helped us find the property upon which we are currently located.  In 1989 Fellowship Baptist Church had their first ground breaking (see picture to right).  This ground breaking began what we might call Phase 1.  Phase 1 consisted of the auditorium, restrooms and a small nursery.  A few years later Phase 2 was added which consisted of three Sunday School rooms and a Fellowship Hall.

Now, in 2010 we are heading into Phase 3 which will add multiple classrooms, additional bathrooms, a new and expanded auditorium, offices and finally a kitchen!  We are so blessed to see how God has moved this ministry forward.  During this 20+ year period we have also had the privilege of being led by pastors Lee Russel, Gerald Dooley, Trey Ouchin and currently David King.

Ground Breaking 2010I look forward to the day when we add Phase 4 which will allow for our growing congregation to continue to meet, fellowship and worship God.  God is blessing this ministry and I feel privileged that God has allowed me to be a part of his work here at Fellowship Baptist Church.


Written by Lena Hughes one of the founding members of Fellowship.