Preparing Lives Committed to Christ For Today, Tomorrow and Eternity

Do you find yourself struggling in life? Feeling hopelessly trapped in addictions? Struggling in your parenting? Whatever your burden is, the Bible has answers and we would love the opportunity to come alongside you and help you right where you are at.

CrossPoint believes God’s Word has the answers to the real problems and struggles of life and we offer free counseling to any and all people. Our counselors have received biblical counseling training through Faith Church in Lafayette in connection with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC).  All of our counseling is Biblical, Practical and Effective.  It is biblical because all of our counseling finds its foundation in the Word of God, the Bible, as we believe our Maker has the answers to our problems.  It is practical and goes much further than religious platitudes as we seek to offer robust, real and tangible solutions to the genuine circumstances of your life.  It is effective as we have seen it work to bring about lifelong, supernatural change in people’s lives.

Our counseling is offered free of charge and we would love the opportunity to minister to you right where you are at!

Pastor David King