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Friday With Worship

Good Friday Morning,


Last week I wrote about how we are all imperfect.  For those that strive for perfection, you may need to keep coming back to the fact that you are not perfect.  Thankfully though, we serve a God who is perfect! 


Just for fun though, ask yourself this question:  If you could be perfect at one thing, what would it be?  Stop here and come up with your answer to this question before moving on.


Last week I went to church with my sister again.  This time, my seven year old niece sat in the adult service with us.  Before service started they had a baptism.  A young boy, probably 11-13 in age baptized his father.  The young boy had been baptized nine months prior, and his dad had struggled with addiction over the years.  His son must have had a huge impact on his father.  Before going under the water, the father mentioned that he was over 500 days sober, and it was his birthday.  What a perfect day to get baptized – to symbolize being born again!


As my niece Mallory sat there watching the baptism, I think she started to wonder about being baptized on her birthday which is at the end of March.  She has asked deep spiritual questions in the past, and I’ve had the privilege of talking to her about sin and that is why Jesus came and died for us.  She is very insightful for her age.  She discussed being baptized on her birthday with her mom, my sister Tina.  Tina gave her a little 100 devotional journal for girls to work through so she can ask questions and completely understand the difference between salvation and baptism.


Well on the first or second day of working through her devotional, she was asked, “if you could be perfect at one thing, what would it be?”  At first she told her mom she was thinking of writing gymnastics.  Her mom asked her, “is that something that your heart wants to do?”  Mallory said, “no it is art, but I’m already good at art”   So she starts writing in her devotional, and my sister assumes it is about art.  When she finished writing, my sister sent me a picture of what she wrote and it is attached.  Mallory tells her mom, art or gymnastics is what someone would write if they weren’t ready for baptism. 


Mallory, this sweet seven year old girl, wants to be perfect at worshipping God!  Shouldn’t that be the number one desire of all of us that have accepted Jesus as our Savior??!!  What she wrote was very convicting for me because I thought if someone would have asked me that question, I’m not sure I would have answered like that.  She separated the things of the world (art and gymnastics) from what truly matters, worshipping God.  Even the things that God has gifted us with, such as art, can become idols and we can begin to worship those things instead of God.


As we approach Christmas in a couple of days, may our hearts be directed to worshipping Emmanuel, “God with Us”.  God sent Jesus, the Light of the World to us as a newborn baby.  Just like with Joseph and Mary, in my family, we had a few unplanned pregnancies, but I remember the joy that those babies brought to our family.  Those unexpected babies really did change our family forever!  How much more joy and change should the Newborn King bring to the world! 


Two perfect Christmas songs that tie in with this message are:


Faith Hill’s “A Baby Changes Everything”:


Kari Jobe’s “Adore Him”


Father God, you created us for worship.  May we worship only Jesus this Christmas – not the gifts we receive or give to others, not the get togethers, not the food, etc.  May we lay our treasures at your feet Lord.  Strip the distractions and the hustle and bustle away God.  May we ponder on the anticipation and the excitement that we all feel before and after a baby in the family is born, and may you multiply that anticipation, joy, and excitement as we celebrate the birth of our Savior at Christmas this year.  Thank you for baby Jesus, the baby that really did change everything, now and forever.  Amen.       


Enjoy Worshipping this Christmas,